Do You Like Crime Thrillers with a Dash of the Paranormal?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

To save a missing girl, he’ll have to explore his dark past. He may not survive the journey…

Haunted by the abduction of his childhood friend, drifter Adam Rutledge must face his deepest, darkest secrets to uncover the truth and find a missing child. But can he save the girl without losing himself?

Prodigal is the first book in the Dead Hollow suspense trilogy. If you like crime thrillers, authentic characters, and a touch of the supernatural, you’ll love this haunting series.

Okay, Ms. "Recovering Attorney," why should I listen to Audiobooks?

#1: Stay Out of Trouble While Commuting

All that boring travel time… We know you’re thinking about your neighbor (why does she sneak her trash out every Wednesday at two a.m.?), or the nice food truck man (how is he visiting his mom when last Christmas he told you she was dead?). Just skip the paranoia—why make up mysteries when you can listen to someone else do it for you?

Thoughtful lady riding on a tram and looking out the window.
sharpening the knife with whetstone

#2: It’s Entertaining While You Indulge the Mindless Bits of Your Hobbies

Think of the hours you spend maintaining your knife collection (those blades won’t sharpen themselves) or your garden full of oleander and foxgloves, stroking your right-hand cat, or scrubbing your lovely kitchen floor (what is the best way to clean up blood spatter?) Wouldn’t they pass by more pleasurably with a thrilling tale to occupy your mind?

#3: It Could Save Your Relationship

If your love muffin is a reader you’re familiar with the death stare (for interrupting the other reader because oh my God I have to read you this part) and the over-the-shoulder insinuation (what are you reading? entertain me because I finished my book first). The solution: listen to a book together. It even gives you conversation topics that aren’t politics or the thing about your family

Happy young couple listening to music together in a field
Man pleasantly surprised by free audiobooks

#4: You Can Try it for FREE!

Most audiobook retailers offer a free trial. Is Audible (a subsidiary of Amazon) your retailer of choice? Click here to start a free 30-day Audible trial and get your first two books for FREEIf you find it’s not for you, just cancel at the end of your trial.

And if you make Prodigal your first audiobook, I get a special bonus that helps support my coffee habit and feed my pack, so I can keep spinning stories. 😉

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