Reading Order for All Sydney Brennan Stories

As noted elsewhere, the Sydney Brennan Mysteries books alternate between novels and novellas.

What is a novella?

Excellent question! It’s a book that’s longer than a short story, but shorter than a novel. (In Syd’s case, the novellas average around 150 pages.)

Writing novellas gives me a chance to share Syd stories that otherwise wouldn’t be told. They have the same characters, tone, etc. as the novels, but are simpler, often dealing with Syd’s personal life landing her in danger instead of her cases.

Each book is a self-contained story, with no crazy cliff-hanger endings, and you won’t be lost if you pick them up out of order.

However, each book does build upon the previous story. This build-up becomes more important as the series progresses.

You have been warned.

For those of you who want to dig a little deeper, here is the Reading Order including all Books and Short Stories, plus where to get them. Happy reading!

  1. End of the Road: A Sydney Brennan Prequel Short Story (only available to Newsletter subscribers)
  2. Back to Lazarus: A Sydney Brennan Novel
  3. Secrets in Stockbridge: A Sydney Brennan Novella
  4. The Perils of Panacea: A Sydney Brennan Novel
  5. No Safe Winterport: A Sydney Brennan Novella
  6. Braving the Boneyard: A Sydney Brennan Novel
  7. Club Revelations: A Sydney Brennan Short Story (only available to Newsletter subscribers or in the second Box Set)
  8. River Bound: A Sydney Brennan Novella
  9. Grave Truth: A Sydney Brennan Novel
  10. Memory Lane: A Sydney Brennan Novella