Memory Lane

Memory Lane

They should have left well enough alone.

Series: Sydney Brennan PI Mysteries, Book Eight

Florida PI Sydney Brennan needs a break. She just finished an intense week on the road, on the heels of a case that fundamentally changed her life. And nearly got her killed.

That’s why an exhausted Sydney is doing her best to pass out in her favorite bar (no booze required) when her world tilts on its axis again. Someone she hasn’t seen in more than fifteen years walks through the door, and he asks her to take a little trip with him.

Their journey starts out as a simple one—I just need to see her; she doesn’t even have to know we’re there—but soon they are tangled in a web of secrets and lies, threats and accusations. And the one person they wanted above all else to keep safe is suddenly in jeopardy.

Because there is nothing more complicated—and dangerous—than finally facing the past.

Memory Lane is the eighth installment in the Sydney Brennan PI Mysteries, featuring the Florida private investigator with a knack for getting into trouble who doesn’t know when to quit. These books stand alone but are best enjoyed in order, starting with Back to Lazarus.

Please do not read this book if you haven’t read Grave Truth. You won’t have trouble following the story, but Memory Lane’s entire premise is a big spoiler for Grave Truth, and no one wants that. 😉

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