The Sydney Brennan PI Mysteries

Who is Sydney Brennan?

My flippant answer is always: me, but with better hair.

(Of course, Syd doesn’t appreciate her red curls, because they’re hers. And also, North Florida humidity.)

Sydney Brennan is a former criminal defense investigator turned private investigator, plying her trade in Tallahassee, Florida, in the early 2000s. She previously worked for the Public Defender’s Office, not someplace that paid real money, and most of her cases then and now aren’t exactly glamorous.

That’s where my above smart… aleck answer comes into play. (Expect the other word in Syd’s adventures, and a fair number of my blog posts.)

Because Syd is just like you or me.

That is, unless you happen to be a former Navy SEAL or mixed martial arts champion. She’s not a badass (that one snuck in), though she creeps closer to bad-ass territory with every story. She doesn’t carry a gun most of the time, and she doesn’t go looking for trouble.

But when Syd commits to help someone, she’ll do whatever it takes to follow through. And once she gets her teeth into something… well, that’s when trouble finds her.

Sydney Brennan Mysteries

The Sydney Brennan Mysteries alternate between novels and novellas. They’re presented in order below, and you’ll find the reading order including short stories here.

Each book is a self-contained story, with no crazy cliff-hanger endings, and you won’t be lost if you pick them up out of order. However, each book does build upon the previous story. This build-up becomes more important as the series progresses. You have been warned.


Sydney Brennan Mysteries Box Sets

Or you can purchase the books in order (novel, novella, novel…) bundled together in Box Sets at a discounted price.