Because You’re My Special Reader Peeps…

Here are the free Bonuses (Bonii?) I’ve shared with you, my Reader Group peeps, all gathered in one place in case you missed something or changed platforms and need a different version. They’re downloadable in multiple formats, and the BookFunnel folks are fantastic at troubleshooting assists. Just click on the title link.

Happy reading, and thanks for sticking around!


From the Sydney Brennan Universe

You’ll find the short stories End of the Road and Club Revelations. End of the Road is a prequel, taking place nearly a decade before the first Sydney Brennan book, Back to Lazarus. Club Revelations falls between Braving the Boneyard and River Bound, books 5 and 6.


From the Dead Hollow Universe…

Check out the novella-length Excerpt of Book One, Prodigal. There’s also a Bonus Q & A about my Favorite Character from the series (available in mobi and epub, as well as pdf).