The Dead Hollow Trilogy

Introducing a New Appalachian Thrillogy!

I’ve returned to my rural West Virginia roots (born and raised) with Dead Hollow, a series of thrillers with a touch of the supernatural set in the fictional Appalachian town of Cold Springs. Dead Hollow is a true trilogy. In other words, there are no desperate cliff-hangers (I hate those!), but each book picks up where the previous book left off, and THEY MUST BE READ IN ORDER. I hope you enjoy them!

Ebook cover for Prodigal by Judy K. Walker; cover design by Robin Ludwig Cover DesignsThe fear returns in Prodigal

Twenty years ago, children began disappearing in Beecham County: a boy on a camping trip, a girl walking home from school…

And then it stopped.

Very slowly—month by month, year by year—children began to feel safe again, and parents began to sleep through the night.

Until now.

Adam Rutledge, who’s spent his life adrift since losing his childhood friend to a man in the shadows, finds himself drawn back to Beecham County. But to stop the unknown predator, Adam must reveal his deepest, darkest secret and embark on a path that may cost him his sanity… and his life.

Available in Ebook and Paperback!  Read a Preview Here

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The Story Continues in Book Two: Founder!

Ebook Cover for Founder, Dead Hollow Book Two, by Judy K. Walker

Someone is still watching from the shadows. And waiting…

The relieved residents of Cold Springs are returning to their normal lives after an arrest in the recent kidnapping. But their children remain in danger, vulnerable pawns for a man who’ll go to any length to make Adam Rutledge suffer.

Adam Rutledge wants nothing more than to forget his brush with death and the childhood trauma it has reawakened. Instead, he’s losing touch with the world around him and falling deeper into visions he can’t escape of horrors that aren’t his own.

When the unthinkable happens and another child is taken, suspicion falls upon Adam, whose role in rescuing the previous victim cannot be explained. Soon Adam is running from the authorities, searching for the missing child and for answers about what is overpowering his mind. But can he live with what he finds?

Available in Ebook and and in Paperback! Read a Preview Here

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