Marking the Changing Seasons, Hawaii Style

I had a video call with someone this week who, wearing a cozy sweater, told me she’d gotten out her desk foot warmer (a gift created by her engineer husband to warm her feet, not the desk’s.) I think the shirt I was wearing had sleeves. Thanks to climate change, seasonal transitions are getting to be slippery buggers, with seasons slowly creeping into USSC Justice Potter Stewart’s hard-core pornography territory: “I know it when I see it.” (Jacobellis vs. Ohio) But seasons have always been tricky here in East Hawaii, at least for someone used to a temperate climate framework. Read more…

Ready to Start a New Mystery Series? We’ve Got You Covered

Looking to try a new mystery series but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry—we’ve save you the hard work. Check out these forty or so ebook First in Series Mysteries and Thrillers, all gathered in one spot for the month of October.     Most of the books are on sale for the occasion, too. In fact, if you haven’t read it already, the first book in my Sydney Brennan PI mysteries, Back to Lazarus, is just 99¢ this month (regular $3.99). And she’s sporting a shiny new cover… 😉 📚 Let the weekend reading begin! 📚