Cover Reveal for Dead Hollow Book Two!

Short but sweet post this time around. Guess what I did this morning… Yes, I drank coffee. Yes, I yelled at the cat, declared between one and three dogs to be adorable, and told between one and three dogs to stop chewing and/or scratching and/or chasing the cat. Let me rephrase. Guess what I did this morning that you might actually care about… I sent Dead Hollow Book Two to the copy editor. Woo hoo! Happy writer dance!

At this point, not calling the book by its name is a little like one of those poor babies being wheeled around the hospital with a Baby Lastname bracelet because the parents couldn’t make a decision on a nine month deadline. So, without further ado, let me present: Founder!

Ebook Cover for Founder, Dead Hollow Book Two, by Judy K. WalkerAin’t she shiny? No teaser yet because, honestly, teasing the second book in a trilogy without spoiling the first is a little beyond me after a week of frenzied edits. How about, Things Get Real!? I promise you will get it soon, as well as an official release date.

In the meantime, I will share my favorite random editing observation. I’ve mentioned before how challenging choosing names can be, especially trying to avoid repetition and confusion with other names, while still achieving some kind of resonance for the character. There are multiple points of view in the Dead Hollow series, but the main character is Adam Rutledge. In Book Two, I discovered one of the drawbacks of Adam as a character name is anatomical. How do you specify the laryngeal prominence, aka Adam’s apple, of a character named Adam? Adam’s Adam’s apple? Adam’s2 apple? Sounds like a punk band to me. 😉