Cover Reveal for Sydney Brennan Book Five: Braving the Boneyard

Sorry for the late post today–our internet has been even spottier than usual lately. (I’d blame the wind, but I’m not sure that’s logically or scientifically defensible when you have satellite internet–maybe the dish is wobbling?) In any case, this post and the Book Five manuscript will be passing each other in internet space tonight. (Or maybe not; I’ll admit, I’m pretty fuzzy with most physics beyond Newton.) To be more precise, mobi files of Sydney Brennan Book Five, the novel Braving the Boneyard, are heading to beta reader devices today. (One beta reader might be distracted by the delivery of Patricia Briggs’s latest Mercy Thompson novel, but I’m sure he’ll power through.) I know I’ve been very… fluid on the publishing date for this one. I’m afraid I’m going to continue to be a leaf on the wind for at least another week, but I am thinking April. (If you get that reference, don’t worry—Sydney does not suffer Wash’s fate in this book; and these Etsy goodies might interest you.) Following the cover is a very rough blurb for the book–nothing anywhere near final, just something to give you an idea of what’s coming.

In case you haven’t figure out my strategy, I’m trying to make sure the cover doesn’t show up on your screen immediately and you have to scroll a little… building suspense. Yes, I know, I did that with Winterport, too, so you’re on to me.  And as with the Winterport reveal, I’ve also included a smaller version near the bottom in case of device/viewing issues. So without further yimmer-yammering ado…Cover image for ebook "Braving the Boneyard," the fifth book in the Sydney Brennan Mysteries


Ebook Cover for "Braving the Boneyard" by Judy K. Walker; cover design by Robin Ludwig DesignsCan you ever repay your debt to a dead man?

Private investigator Sydney Brennan has had a difficult few months. The last thing she wants to do is work a demanding criminal trial, but her longtime friend and mentor Ralph Abraham owes a debt to a dead man. When he asks for her help keeping the man’s son from spending the rest of his life in prison, she can’t refuse (even if the only thing worse than the defendant’s case is his attitude).

The nature of Ralph’s debt is a secret that’s haunted him for three decades, but the secret isn’t Ralph’s alone. When Sydney’s investigation threatens to expose the truth, others are willing to kill to keep the past hidden. What will Sydney do when she’s torn between her duty to her client and to her mentor? How far will she go to protect Ralph’s secrets? And his life…