Evidence that The Outside World Still Exists

Anyone else out there struggling with days of the week?

I’ll be honest—since I work from home at a vocation that doesn’t much respect the idea of a “weekend,” it’s a crapshoot for me most mornings until I open the calendar on my computer. That red circle highlighting the date seems to mock me (this is TODAY, puny human incapable of accurately measuring the passage of time).

It turns out, Today is Friday. (She says, racing to write a blog post!)

Shortly after giving my calendar the finger this morning (let’s see you do that, fancy zeroes and ones), I started skimming my email headers for fires.

That’s where our Civil Defense coronavirus bulletin informed me that not only are we on the cusp of a weekend, we are on the cusp of a three-day weekend in the United States.

(See, holidays don’t mean much on Writer Time, either.)

Still, a three-day weekend: woo-hoo!

[Pauses to consider potential implications of people celebrating Memorial Day. Together.]

Woo [gulp] hoo.

Some of us may experience various degrees of cautiously venturing forth into the world this weekend, but many will continue to be stuck at home, in lockdown by order or by choice (or some combination thereof). 

It’s raining here in East Hawaii at the moment—I’m not complaining; we’ve had a hot, dry stretch and Puna was starting to get that post-apocalyptic look. (Which is particularly creepy during the Covid Times.) But I figured it’s a good time to share my previously promised evidence that Outside does exist, even when we’re not there to see it.

In that vein, I found a few recent pics on my phone and slipped out between the raindrops to grab a few more of what’s immediately beyond our walls. And yes, the photos are almost food-related. Did I mention it’s lunch time?

Whatever you do this weekend, wherever you are, stay safe. 😊