Club Revelations: A Sydney Brennan Short Story

Private investigator Sydney Brennan drags her friend Noel Thomas along on what Sydney promises will be a straightforward job, but the two women soon get more than they bargained for in a sketchy Florida club. This short story takes place a few months after the novel, Braving the Boneyard, and before the novella, River Bound.

End of the Road: A Sydney Brennan Short Story

Here it is, Tallahassee private investigator Sydney Brennan’s origin story! Well, a piece of it at least. This short story takes place in 1995, approximately nine years before the first Sydney Brennan novel, Back to Lazarus. It opens with Sydney arriving— What am I saying? You’ll just have to read it to find out.

River Bound

Sydney Brennan isn’t exactly the outdoors type, but the Tallahassee PI can’t say no when her investigator friend Mike Montgomery asks her on an unconventional first date. A lazy day canoeing down an idyllic Florida Panhandle river, with Mike providing a picnic lunch and most of the paddle power—what could go wrong? A lot, and this time it’s not even Sydney’s fault. Soon Syd and Mike find themselves entangled in someone else’s imploding criminal enterprise, with no easy way out. Because when you’re River Bound, everyone gets swept downstream…

Braving the Boneyard

Private investigator Sydney Brennan has had a difficult few months. The last thing she wants to do is work a demanding criminal trial. But longtime friend and mentor Ralph Abraham owes a debt to a dead man—the defendant’s father—so when Ralph asks for her help Sydney can’t refuse (even if the only thing worse than the defendant’s case is his attitude). Soon Sydney’s investigation uncovers information so dangerous that someone is willing to kill to keep it buried. Torn between loyalty to her mentor and duty to her client, how far will Sydney go to protect Ralph’s past? And his Read more…

No Safe Winterport

Spending a week with her estranged sister in Winterport, Florida, isn’t exactly Sydney Brennan’s idea of a vacation. The Tallahassee private investigator anticipates seven days of intense dysfunction, leavened only by moments of painful boredom. Instead, the two women are caught up in a violent crime, and the brother-in-law Sydney has never met remains strangely absent, leading the local sheriff to suspect him of murder. Meanwhile, Sydney’s sister just can’t let family history lie, even with a hurricane bearing down on central Florida. Vacation or not, it’s up to Sydney to figure out what her brother-in-law has gotten himself into Read more…