It’s the Reader Perks Page!

Welcome to all the goodies from Sydney Brennan and Dead Hollow. Everything here can be downloaded FOR FREE.

I’ll be updating from time to time, but for now you’ll find…

From the Sydney Brennan PI Mysteries:
  • The reader-exclusive Sydney Brennan origin story, End of the Road
  • The Sydney Brennan short story Club Revelations (falls between the books Braving the Boneyard and River Bound)
  • The first five chapters from the novella No Safe Winterport; I know some people hesitate to read novellas, so you can give it a try without committing
  • The first four chapters from the novella River Bound, for the same reason
From the Dead Hollow world:
  • A twenty-four-chapter excerpt of Book One, Prodigal; the woo-woo in this series is not for everyone, but some of you will love it, so I want you to be able to try a big old honking chunk to find out which one you are with no strings
  • A Q & A about My Favorite Character from the Dead Hollow series
Just click on the covers to find out more. Happy reading!