Postcards from Dead Hollow Land

I think I mentioned last post that I’d be doing some traveling. I am now in No Internet Land–my cell phone won’t even pick up my email. Well, not now at this precise moment. We’ve made a coffee shop pilgrimage (to another state) for “emergency wifi.” While I’m here, I thought I’d share some pretty pictures.

Yesterday, we were fortunate to have a chilly but beautiful day for a train excursion in West Virginia. That’s right–we’re in Dead Hollow land! And I’m taking notes for Book Three of the trilogy. The train traveled through The Trough, a narrow space between two mountains with only the South Branch of the Potomac keeping us company. (The train and the water are the only ways to access The Trough.) Back in 1985, West Virginia was struck by horrible flooding, and the water in The Trough was 60 FEET DEEP. Crazy! I kept seeing spots that I’d associate with different scenes in Founder, including the climax of the book. (That’s all I’m saying–no spoilers!) Don’t worry, Sydney fans–my husband also had a title epiphany for the latest Sydney Brennan book, so there was something for everyone. 😉