Book Release News, and More Compound Words for Dummies (Like Me)

FirmBee / Pixabay

Things have been a little crazy-making lately here at the Writer’s Desk. Good crazy-making, but crazy-making nonetheless, causing great difficulties for said desk to fulfill its designated purpose. In other words, there’s not been so much of the story writing. 😛 I’ll share some juicy details about the best of the crazy-making another day, but today I have some news (news that will not be “new” if you’ve subscribed to my Newsletter—hint, hint). First off, the identity of the manuscript that various non-writing tasks have been keeping me from…

Founder, Book Two of the Dead Hollow trilogy, is currently with my copy editor. It was a pretty emotionally intense book for me to write (Method Writing, anyone?). It’s also a big book with a lot happening. As I explained before, I may have started with storyboards, but my muse went off the rails halfway through (Follow the Crazy Lady). I opened so many boxes and have so many loose ends to tie up in the final book, I feel like I need more time and space for the “boys in the basement” (à la Stephen King) to do their work.

Also—don’t tell Adam and JJ and Luther, but—I miss Sydney Brennan. I know many of you do as well. That’s why I’m going to write a Sydney Brennan novella before finishing the Dead Hollow trilogy. Barring anything crazy, Syd’s adventure should be released by the end of the year, with the final Dead Hollow book to follow in early 2018.

Speaking of release dates, you say, how about one for Founder? Well, if you insist… Founder will be available at the usual places starting on Tuesday, September 12, 2017. Woo hoo! I’ll have a Preview up here for you soon, and starting on Monday, my weekly quote pics on Facebook will be Founder quote teasers.

Since the first round of copy edits is finished, this also seems an appropriate time for another installment in the Hyphenation Disorder files. (If you’re not familiar with this ailment, try News from the Word Mines). I like to think that with every book I publish, I send a cleaner draft to my copy editor. And yet, every time I manage to discover additional compound words to misspell (or fail to read all of the Post-it warnings that paper my laptop and bulletin board and desk). Some of these words depend on context—the spelling may vary whether they are used nouns or adjectives, etc. Others have multiple acceptable spellings, but we endeavor to consistently use the same spelling throughout the series. In other words, don’t use this list as a substitute for your own copy editor, admin assistant, or beleaguered spouse. With that caveat, here are a few additional compound word observations.

Living_Lighter / Pixabay

Sometimes, compound words like to Keep it Cozy:

  • Trashcan, not trash can
  • Whatnot, not what-not
  • Freestanding, not free-standing
  • Backup, not back-up (a perennial challenge for me)
  • Gearshift, not gear shift
  • Toolbox, not tool box

Semevent / Pixabay

Other times, they need their Space:

  • Bad looking, not bad-looking
  • Bone jarring, not bone-jarring
  • Eye sockets, not eyesockets
  • Drug dealing, not drug-dealing
  • Sound bite, not soundbite


And finally, there are the ones that can’t quite commit, but neither are they ready to let go:

  • Chain-link, not chainlink
  • Motion-sensing, not motion sensing
  • Sci-fi, not sci fi
  • Waist-high, not waist high
  • Cross-legged, not crosslegged
  • Single-story, not single story
  • Self-pity, not self pity
  • On-ramp, not onramp

I feel for them. But I hear I have writing to do, so until next week, I’ll say my good-byes (but not my goodbyes).